Baby was born drunk then died after mother drank huge bottle of whiskey at 34 weeks pregnant

A baby died shortly after being born blind drunk to a heavily-pregnant mother who’d just downed a liter of whiskey, police say.

The newborn girl was born in December 2018, with a blood alcohol content of 0.234.
The same level of blood alcohol in an adult be almost triple the drink drive limit in most US states.
The infant’s mother Rianna Marie Cameron, who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time, was charged with manslaughter on Friday.
 KARE11 reported that first responders who arrived at Cameron’s house in Rogers, Minnesota found the newborn laying at her mother’s feet with her umbilical cord still attached.

The baby was blue, had her eyes closed and did not appear to be breathing.

Emergency services began performing CPR on the child, and rushed her to hospital, but she was declared dead shortly afterwards.

The baby’s cause of death was found to be a combination of acute alcohol intoxication and unsupported delivery. 

Police asked Cameron, 29, how she was doing, with the mother reportedly telling them that she’d been ‘on a bender’, despite being in the advanced stages of pregnancy. 

She said she’d drunk around a liter of whiskey, with cops finding an empty 1.75 liter bottle of Evan Williams whiskey in the home’s kitchen shortly afterwards. Cameron was taken to hospital, where blood tests established her blood alcohol level was .21 – slightly lower than the level found in her dead daughter, but still well over the drink-drive limit. 

Prosecutors explained the manslaughter charge by saying that Cameron has had a lengthy history with alcohol dependency. They said she has attended treatment programs, and knew the risks posed to her unborn baby by drinking while expecting a child. 

Police spoke to her at least twice while pregnant, the first time in July 2018, when Cameron told them she was back in treatment. 

Cameron was given another warning about drinking while pregnant on July 15, and is said to have told cops she was sticking to her treatment. 

She reportedly added that her baby would be born healthy. Cameron’s other children have been removed from custody while she awaits her next court appearance.


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