‘Care worker’ films herself calling vulnerable elderly woman ‘ugly’ then attacks her

Horrifying video footage has emerged showing a woman believed to be a paid carer calling a confused elderly woman ‘ugly’ before attacking her.

The disturbing clip, believed to have been shot in Newport, Delaware, shows the carer filming the woman and insulting her ‘long veins.’

 She then hurls abuse at the elderly senior, who is believed to be in her own home, about the ‘sag under your eyes’, adding: ‘You ugly as shit.’

The onslaught of abuse prompts the elderly woman to begin defending herself, only for the carer – who says off camera throughout – to yell ‘Shut up!’ Next, the elderly woman raises her hands to defend herself as an unknown object is thrown at her.
The carer is then seen squaring up to the woman and physically jostling her, while the elderly woman tries to defend herself with a sofa cushion.

Footage of the abuse has been widely shared online, with Newport Police now trying to identify the carer and her victim.

Source: Metro

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