Give women more ministerial slots, Reps urge Buhari

The House of Representatives on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint more women as Ministers.

They also called on him to make them heads of government agencies and departments.
The resolution was sequel to the passage of a motion titled “Call on President Muhammadu Buhari to give more Appointive Positions to Women to Compensate for the Short Fall in Women Representation in the National Assembly”,
The motion was sponsored by Hon.  Omowumi Olubunmi Ogunlola who said that the number of women in the public offices in Nigeria does not reflect internal best practices.
She said “The House notes that Nigeria is blessed with women of high academic stature some of who have leadership qualities and are held and exalted positions with high levels of responsibilities, both in Nigeria and at international organizations/agencies;
“Also notes that out of the 469 Members of the National Assembly only 19 are women, with 12 of them in the House of Representatives while 7 are in the Senate, a figure that aggregates to a mere 4.l % which is not in accord with international best practices;
“Aware that this development does not also abide with the Resolution at the Women Conference in Beijing in 1995, where it was urged that women should be recognized and given responsible positions in Governments;
“Recognizes that women are equal partners in political and socio-economic development of any nation and Nigeria cannot be an exception;
“Believes that this anomaly can still be corrected by President Muhammadu Buhari appointing more women into his cabinet and also appointing them to head Departments and Agencies of Government.”
Adopting the motion, the House mandated the Committee on Women Affairs to ensure compliance.

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