Man who hasn’t washed his hair for 40 years says dreads are ‘blessing from God’

      Sakal Dev Tuddu has not washed or cut his hair for 40 years (Picture: Barcroft)

Most people feel a bit gross if they don’t wash their hair for a couple of days. But Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63, says he hasn’t washed his 6ft dreadlocks for the last 40 years and says they are a blessing from god. Sakal wears his mat of hair on top of his head like a turban after he claims it spontaneously wove itself into a jatta – dreadlock – which he said was a divine blessing.
His neighbours in the Munger district of Bihar state, India, call him Mahatma Ji as a mark of respect. He said that God told him not to cut his hair and to give up drinking and smoking out of devotion. In a bid to try and keep some form of cleanliness, Sakal ties his hair up in a white cloth whenever he goes out, otherwise it would trail on the floor behind him.
    People come from far and wide to see him and take pictures of him (Picture: Barcroft)

    He said he was visited by God who told him not to cut his hair (Picture: Barcroft)

    He usually wears his hair on his head like a turban to avoid it dragging along the floor (Picture: Barcroft)
He is known as a healer – he prepares home-made treatments for childless couples – and people come from far and wide to meet him to take pictures of him. Sakal Dev has worked for the forest department for 31 years and lives with his wife Rupiya Devi, three sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. He says his wife has no problem with his unruly hair. The record for the world’s longest dreadlocks is held by Florida woman Asha Mandela, whose hair measured an incredible 110 feet (34m) in 2018 when she was 55. Ninth-century Viking king Harald I swore an oath not to cut or comb his hair until he had conquered all of Norway, earning himself the epithet ‘Shaggy Harald.’ Harald, the son of Halfdan the Black and father of Erik Bloodaxe, eventually won the whole kingdom and became known as ‘Harald Finehair.’
      He says he has no problem with his long hair (Picture: Barcroft)(Picture: Barcroft)
      His neighbours call him Mahatma Ji out of respect (Picture: Barcroft)

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