Senegal Invented Jollof Rice – Akon Ignites Jollof War

The jollof rice war was ignited by Senegalese artist, Akon, during a Google event in Nigeria on Wednesday.

Lagos State Deputy Governor, Femi Hamzat at the event tagged #GoogleForNigeria boasted that Nigeria Jollof is the best and much better than either Ghana Jollof or Senegal Jollof.
He said, “We don’t need to shut down social media because Nigeria’s jollof rice is just the best. Nobody can harass you for saying the truth.
“It’s just the best, it’s better than Senegal or whatever, sorry my Ghanaian friends.”

The boast didn’t go down well Akon who was in Nigeria for the Google event.
In response, he quickly jumped on the stage and gave a brief history of jollof rice.
“Senegal invented jollof rice.
“You guys need to learn history. Jollof comes from the tribe Wollof, that’s Senegalese,” Akon said.
He added that although there is a slight rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana on Jollof Rice, Senegal should not be dragged into the conversation because they are the creators of Jollof rice.
“The reason why Ghana became part of the conversation is because those slaves that came from Senegal were shipped to Ghana before they were taken to Europe and they brought jollof rice with them.
“Nigeria, you guys are good, I give you credit. The jollof rice I just taste I loved it, I give you credit but Senegal, we are the creators of Jollof,” he said.
The deputy governor was however quick to respond that the bone of contention is about which jollof rice tastes better and not who invented jollof rice.
“I go to Senegal a lot. And I eat a lot of Senegal jollof. I’m not talking about the history of jollof rice, I’m saying which one is the best.
“We want to be better than our parents, we want to be better than our teachers, so Nigeria’s Jollof is the best,” the deputy governor proudly said.
Akon immediately retreated from the jollof war saying, “I’ve come this far to know which battle to fight and which to stand back.
“I will stand back.”
Google at the #GoogleNigeria event launched new products and app which include navigation instructions in a Nigerian voice for both motorcycle and car driving modes.

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