Violent gran drank 10 pints then beat man to within an inch of his life

A grandmother has been jailed for a vicious attack on a man who was looking out for his dog.

Drunk on 10 pints, Tammy Goodfellow, 41, launched her attack on Charlie Rudkin in Longhill, Hull.

She dragged her husband Michael, 39, and son Joe George, 17, into the attack as well.

Charlie, who has mental health issues, was tackled to the floor by Mr Goodfellow who kept him in a chokehold as his wife straddled him and rained down blows on him.

Mrs Goodfellow, who has a history of violence, punched him in the face and he eventually passed out as a result of being strangled.

Her son threw punches at the victim before knocking himself out when he stumbled and banged his head on a bollard.

Witnesses eventually intervened, pulling the violent couple away. When she arrived on the scene Mr Rudkin’s pregnant partner thought he was dead as a result of the injuries he suffered to the face as he was kicked in the head and stamped on.

As Mrs Goodfellow was jailed for a year at Hull Crown Court, Charlie spoke about the effect the attack has had on him.

He said: ‘Hopefully the footage will put all the rumours to bed that I started anything physical – I don’t deserve what happened to me, nobody does.

‘I don’t feel like any of them got a big enough sentence – the judge took too much pity on her husband by giving him a suspended sentence just because he had kids to look after.

‘Where is the justice? They could have taken my life away from me, and I’m still not right after the attack.

I get headaches and worry about stuff – I get paranoid and won’t go out on a night anymore.

‘I just hope that from watching this CCTV people will realise how serious the attack was and that the city finally gets to see what happened, and I hope it opens up people’s eyes to how serious an assault can be.’

George was given a rehabilitation order while Mr Goodfellow was given a six-month prison sentence suspended for a year and told to do 120 hours of community service.


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