Bank holiday heatwave could see record temperatures hitting over 30 degrees

The bank holiday is set for a heatwave this weekend, so don’t put your shorts back into storage just yet.

We could see record breaking temperatures on bank holiday Monday, with temperatures rising to above 30 degrees for the first time that day since records began.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond told ‘After a pretty wet and windy August for many, it will be a nice change as we head into the bank holiday weekend.

‘It’s fairly unsettled for parts of the country this week, but things are going to change as we head into the weekend.

South Easterly winds will draw up warm weather from Europe towards the UK, bringing warmer temperatures along with drier, settled weather.

‘This is quite widely across the country; everywhere is going to see largely drier weather from Saturday onward, and plenty of sunshine too.’

Temperatures in the South and East are expected to reach the high twenties on Saturday, rising to the early thirties on Sunday in London.
the highest temperature recorded on the late August is 28.2 °C in Lincolnshire in 2017.

Records go back to the 1970's and this year we expect to reach over 30 °C.

The current highest temperature on record for the bank holiday weekend is 31.5 degrees at Heathrow in 2001.
‘That looks like it could be beaten this weekend,’ Bonnie said. For bank holiday Monday, the record is 28.2 in Lincolnshire.
‘It’s pretty likely this will be reached,’ Bonnie said, given predictions are for temperatures in the high thirties.
It comes after some wet weather for many, with the Met Office saying 94mm of rain has fallen across the UK between August 1 and 17 – about 5 per cent above the national average for the entire month.

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