Dos and don’ts of workplace dating

You know what they say- you don’t choose who you love, the heart does that for you. So what happens when you find yourself falling for someone at your workplace? Considering the professional nature of the workplace would you pursue such a person? Is it even right?

Well the truth is that you can depending on your place of work and the professional relationship existing between you two. If you decide to date at work, there are certain do’s and don’ts that would guide dating in the workplace.
Do not break the company rules: Every company has its policy and guidelines. Checking to make sure that your dating does not infringe on those rules is a wise decision lest it costs you your job.
Do not date your boss: As discriminatory as it seems, it is a very safe for you not to date your boss or anyone you report directly to. It prevents putting both your professional reputations at risk and other messes that come with it.
Do not engage in Public Display of Affection (PDA): If you are dating a co-worker, please keep your hands to yourselves at work. There is no need to hold hands and caress in the office. Aside from being unprofessional, it will only generate whispers, head turns and gossip.
Do have an exit strategy: Note that like every other relationship, work relationships may not work out. The stakes are even higher at the workplace which is why you should discuss how you will both behave and cope should the relationship not work out.
Do maintain focus: Dating in the workplace attracts attention and people will be quick to judge and attribute any laxity on your part to your dating in the office. This is why you must not allow your relationship to distract you. Remain focused, and if anything, become more dedicated to your work.
Do tell your company: When you realise that the relationship is getting serious, it would be wise to let the HR and co-workers know. It builds trust and confidence and prevents awkward situations.

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