EastEnders spoilers: Who dies as Mel and Hunter Owen’s double exit explodes?

Mel Owen’s (Tamzin Outhwaite) world was turned upside down in EastEnders several weeks back when her son Hunter (Charlie Winter) was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon). However, with both characters set to depart, will someone end up paying the ultimate price in the coming episodes?

After receiving the news that Hunter was sentenced for life, Mel was out for blood. 

However — in spite of her attempt to exact revenge on Jack (Scott Maslen) for the part he played in getting her son arrested — she later came to accept that revenge wouldn’t get her son out of prison.

As a result, she resolved to move on — something which proved rather difficult when she was informed by the police that Hunter had escaped.
Mel’s more conflicted than ever in the coming episodes, but with Hunter back in her life, she’s got no choice but to help him out. Keeping her son’s presence a secret is a difficult task for anyone to undertake in Walford, and things get complicated when Ben (Max Bowden) becomes suspicious of her actions.

More problems arise, as news of Hunter’s escape spreads around Walford, and Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Billy (Perry Fenwick) offer their support — as does Jack, after he notices that Mel’s upset.

With Hunter’s return set to be relatively brief considering both Charlie and Tamzin will be departing from EastEnders, it’s safe to assume that the escaped convict’s exit storyline will be an explosive one — and we can’t help but wonder about how it will all end.

With this storyline set to reach its crescendo real soon, the biggest question is: will someone die? It’s a highly possible outcome, for sure.

The stakes are high for both individuals: if Hunter’s caught, he’ll be sent back to prison — but considering we’ve yet to learn the full details of the circumstances which led to his escape, it’s likely there’s more to his return than meets the eye.

Could he be out for blood himself, perhaps? What’s more, could he perhaps take drastic action to prevent going back to jail?

Let’s face it: Hunter’s behaviour has always been worrying and considering he once took a test online to determine if he’s a pyschopath, it’s pretty clear that he’s a bit unhinged.

Mel’s no doubt feeling the pressure too as, if she’s caught harbouring a fugitive, she’ll be arrested — which would render Hunter’s attempts to keep her out of prison following the part she played in Ray’s murder rather useless.

It’s also worth remembering that Hunter’s dad Steve Owen (Martin Kemp) had one of the most memorable exits in EastEnders history, so it’s likely that his former flame and his son will follow suit.

Yes, there’s no question that their exit scenes will be intense — but will one of them lose their life as a result? That is the question now, isn’t it?

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