Emmerdale spoilers: Danny Miller reveals Aaron Dingle’s painful future after Robert Sugden’s exit

Losing your soulmate in any circumstances is a horrific thing to even imagine – particularly for a character as damaged and vulnerable as Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) in Emmerdale. And the popular star has admitted that it’s high time that his character was hit with some misery – and he is set to be destroyed in the wake of Robert Sugden’s (Ryan Hawley) exit.

The husbands had been planning a family and a future together but Robert’s attack on rapist Lee Posner has left him staring at a potential life sentence for GBH with intent. And when Aaron finds out the truth, he is a broken man. Danny sighed: ‘When he first came into the village and as he developed, he’s become the honest and righteous one.

He’s tried to change his views, especially after he tried to come to terms with what happened to him as a child with his dad.

Then he wanted this honest relationship with his nearest and dearest. So he argues with Robert about that. When Robert eventually tells him what happened, Aaron says that he’s not even angry, he’s just tired.

Originally he says it’s GBH, then he says it’ GBH with intent, which carries a sentence of life. GBH would have been five to six years.

He thinks he could be out in two. But a life sentence would be awful. It’d be the end of the relationship, which isn’t great, is it? So yes, he’s battling with that idea straight away. If Robert is found guilty, that’s his life ripped apart.

And Liv’s. And Seb’s. Diane and Victoria too. So, naturally, he’s gutted. And fed up of Robert’s lies.’ He added: ‘It’s been a while since he’s had heartbreak. He’s the love of his life and he’s been there and done so much for him and been through so much with him.

When you rip that out of someone’s life, regardless of whether they’re a partner or a family member, it’s naturally going to be devastating for them. So maybe he is doomed.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how it plays out when Robert goes and Aaron has to deal with it.’ And Danny admitted to being gutted when he heard that Ryan was leaving – however, he had been expecting it.
He said:  ‘Without blowing smoke, he’s a great actor and great to work with. So it was always inevitable he was going to do this. It’s just a case of when – and yes, I fully support him. He should get out there.

I was gutted for me to lose a friend on set and around the building as well. I must be saying some things – I’ve lost Kelvin, Adam and now Ryan.

I’m going to be the only one in that group message who’s still working. But it’s gutting for me, Aaron and the show. But I wish him all the best.’

Source: Metro.co.uk

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