Fans already have theories on how Spider-Man’s MCU exit will affect storyline and history

Today is a confusing day for Marvel fans with the news Spider-Man may be leaving the MCU following a breakdown in negotiations between Sony and Disney.

With Sony owning part of the comic character’s movie likeness but allowing him to appear in Marvel Studios projects, Disney – who owns Marvel – and Sony have come to an impasse that may spell the end for Peter Parker (currently played by Tom Holland) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As you can well imagine, everyone is crying out very loud at this news, wondering WTF is going to happen to their beloved character.

With the success of his spin in Avengers and standalone movies – the latest being Far From Home – fans are coming up with theories and questions as to where his future story lies.

And also, how his leaving of the MCU will affect his past with Marvel characters, mainly Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).

In the MCU Iron Man and Spider-Man were tighter than Spidey’s web.
You could almost say Tony died for Peter, wanting to bring him back after Thanos snapped him away five years earlier.

After Tony brought them back by creating the time travel prowess to obtain the Infinity Stones for a fresh gauntlet, Tony died as he snapped away Thanos once Spider-Man was safely back from oblivion.

Sadly, if Peter leaves the MCU he more than likely leaves his Marvel Studios backstory with him – including his bond with Iron Man. And fans want to know, are you saying Tony Stark died for nothing?
As explained by one punter online, @ErikDavies: ‘The biggest issue with those two movies is they cannot use any existing MCU story.

‘So, can Peter even reference Tony Stark in the next movie? Can they still set it 5 years post-snap? ‘Can they follow through on that end-credits scene? You have Holland, but what else?’ Ooft, Erik asking the big questions.

He was joined by a throng of fans who questioned the storyline and begged for it, somehow, to be taken with Spidey.

Another laughed: ‘It’s gonna be really funny that spider man isn’t gonna care about tony stark all of the sudden [sic].’

On the other side of the web, some fans were okay with the development, hoping it meant we’d see a return to the Spider-Man of yesteryear.

‘I’m glad Spider-Man isn’t gonna be in the MCU anymore.

All they were trying to do is making him Tony Stark JR when he’s a standalone character,’ one happy camper mused. ‘Give me the quippy, sarcastic, depressed do to the duality of heroism and normality spidey. One day they’ll get it right [sic].’

Others were calling for a Spider-Man/Venom crossover, and the formation of a new universe under Sony.

One wrote: ‘I’m really excited about the future of SUMC Confirmed: Morbius, July 2020 Venom 2, Oct 2020 Theory: Spider-Man 3, July 2021 Black Cat, Oct 2021 Venom & Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage, July 2022 And that’s just Phase 1 of what could be a gigantic cinematic universe.

I’m so down.’ Another felt it was a ‘curse and a blessing’ as they added: ‘Sad to see Spider-Man out of the future MCU, but Tom Holand has 2 more films on his contract left meaning he’ll probably pair up with Tom Hardy’s Venom to face CARNAGE.

Aside from $ my theory is if Disney let Venom into the MCU this may have been different.’ Watch this space.


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