How Simon Cowell achieved his changing face – from 21st century facelift to vegan diet

Simon Cowell has been in the public eye since 2001 when he became a judge on Pop Idol, and has since then been at the helm of The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and their US counterparts.

So it’s no surprise that the mogul’s mug has changed over the past 18 years. But fans were stunned at the 59-year-old’s latest public appearance as he arrived at the America’s Got Talent live shows in Hollywood this week.

Sporting a smooth forehead, plump cheeks, a lean physique and alarmingly white teeth, Simon seems to have gone through quite the transformation.

And while surgery rumours have been flying, it seems a combination of things, from healthy eating to Botox, are responsible for Cowell’s new look.

The X Factor judge has never admitted to going under the knife but has been open about his love of Botox, saying in 2008 that it was as commonplace as brushing your teeth.

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