VIDEO: Hunt for man who punched woman when she asked to see his ticket

A manhunt is underway for a passenger who punched a member of rail staff who was just doing her job.

The man was with a child, believed to be a young girl, when he went to the ticket barriers at Manchester Piccadilly train station at 11am on July 19.

He was asked to show a ticket but started to become agitated. He then lifted the child over the barriers, knocking the girl’s head in the process and she can be seen holding the part where it hurt.

He then turned round and punched the staff member in the face before someone else comes over and lets him through to prevent any further problems.

The woman he punched had to be signed off work for a period of time while she recovered from the trauma of what happened.

As well as the mental anguish, she suffered bruising and swelling to the face. British Transport Police are on the hunt for anyone who may know the man.


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