Flights grounded after air traffic control ‘failure’ in France and Spain

Passengers attempting to fly back to the UK after holidays in Europe have reported being stuck on grounded planes for hours due to an issue with air traffic control in France.

Flights across Europe have been delayed or cancelled after a ‘computer fail’ meant air traffic controllers had to cut back services.

Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways passengers are among those affected.
Passengers on a British Airways flight at a UK airport received a text message while on board which read: ‘We would like to apologise for the delay to your British Airways flight.

‘This is due to Air Traffic Control systems failure across France and Spain.’
One passenger wrote on Twitter that she had been stuck on a Ryanair flight at Malaga airport for hours.

Aviation 24 reports that a problem with computer communication systems in France means thousands of messages between airlines, aircrafts and airports to French traffic controllers are not getting through.

Many took to Twitter to complain of delays and cancellations.

I love being stuck on an airplane for two hours due to motor problems and air traffic problems in France …

Just after 9.20am, Paris Airport confirmed there had been a ‘national computer failure related to the centralization of flight plans’ but said that the issue had now been resolved.
Delays were still to be expected, it added, and passengers should direct any questions to their airlines.
Ryanair said in a statement: ‘We regret to advise customers that there has been a serious French ATC equipment failure early on Sunday morning.
‘Long French ATC slot delays of up to 3 hours are being suffered. If this equipment is not repaired quickly it could lead to long delays and possible ATC cancellations later on Sunday especially to flights operating across France.
‘We apologise sincerely for these ATC delays which we are doing all we can to minimise.’


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