Isis bride Shamima Begum begs for sympathy as she asks to be allowed return to UK

Isis bride Shamima Begum begs for sympathy as she asks to be allowed return to UK

A teenager who fled Britain to join Isis in Syria has spoken about how her mental health has been affected by not being allowed back to the UK.

 Shamima Begum complains that she does not have any real friends and her mental health has been affected after she was tracked down to a camp called Camp Sunshine.

Now 19, she was one of three schoolgirls to leave Bethnal Green to join the terror group in 2015. She was tracked down earlier this year and said she wanted to head back to the UK but her British citizenship was revoked.

When she was tracked down this week she was not wearing a veil and appeared to be wearing lip gloss and had a nose stud.

In an interview with the Daily Mail’s Richard Pendlebury she said: ‘I have no real friends. I have lost all the friends who came with me.

Now I do not have anyone.’

She gave birth in February this year but her son Jarrah died from pneumonia at one week old

She has been tracked down to Camp Sunshine in Syria (Picture: Quentin Sommerville/BBC)
‘My mental health situation is not the best. My physical health is okay. I am still young and I do not get sick. That is not my problem. Mentally, though, I am in a really bad way. I need therapy to deal with my grief. It is so hard. I have lost all my children.

 ‘None of the people I am living with in here know what I have experienced. They are not like my school friends who I could always talk to. They do not understand what I have been through.

‘There is no mental health provision. I have heard that in other camps there is psychiatric help, but not here.’

She also revealed that when she first saw a severed head it ‘didn’t faze’ her at all. But now she claims to have turned her back on the group saying that she hates Isis, what they stand for and what they believe in.

Begum claims to have said what she did in the past in order to protect her children.

Begum was just 15 when she fled the UK and now wants to return to the UK to serve time in a British jail

She gave an insight into what life was like in the camp where she is currently living (Picture: ITV News)
She also said she spent the first eight months of her time in Isis waiting for her husband to be released from prison and then ‘after that I was constantly making babies’.

Since arriving in Camp Sunshine she has watched films like Men in Black: International and Spiderman: Far From Home.

The thing she misses the most is western music. She said that nobody from the UK has spoken to her – including her family – and her efforts to talk have been rejected. She added: ‘The only crime I committed was to come to Syria.

I would like to be at home. There is more safety in a British prison, more education and access to family. Here, there are so many uncertainties about what will happen. It is still a warzone.

‘I want to be taken back and put on trial in my own country. In a way it is already a punishment being in this camp.’

Shamima left Bethnal Green with two other girls in February 2015 (Picture: AFP)

Begum was married off to Muslim convert Yago Riedijk within 10 days of arriving in Syria and she gave birth to a boy called Jarrah on February 16 this year, but he died of pneumonia when he was just one week old.

Her family’s lawyer Mohammed Akunjee called for the decision to revoke her citizenship to be overturned. He said she had been ‘groomed and radicalised in the UK’ and had no ties to Bangladesh despite the Home Office claiming otherwise.

Stripping citizenship is only legal if the individual has a second one, and it was thought Ms Begum may have a claim in Bangladesh because of her family background, but Bangladeshi officials denied this.

Shamima Begum’s lawyer said Begum had been used as a political pawn (Picture: ITV)
In a letter published earlier this year, Mr Akunjee said: ‘They did not take her to Bangladesh on holiday as a child. Indeed she has never visited the country.
‘Rather, Shamima was born, raised, groomed and radicalised here in the UK.

‘The suggestion that Shamima is genuinely a Bangladeshi citizen is unsustainable.

It is the responsibility of a British Secretary of State to deal with British problems. ‘Rather than take responsibility for Shamima Begum and her son, you took a British problem and illegally dumped it on our innocent international neighbours.

‘You have dishonourably left it to the Kurdish people to bear the financial and security burden of Shamima’s safety and upkeep.

‘You left them to minister to her sick child and to bury him. Through sleight of hand, you have sought to burden the Bangladeshis with her in the longer term. ‘Your cynical decision amounts to human fly-tipping.’

The runaway bride could face the death penalty if she is sent to Bangladesh, the country’s foreign minister has warned.


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