LIVE: Hurricane Dorian's aftermath in the Bahamas

From CNN's Victor Blackwell and Christina Maxouris

Bahamas resident spent more than 18 hours in her bathtub as violent winds ripped through her home

Germaine Smith was one of thousands of residents trapped in Hurricane Dorian's path in the northern Bahamas.
Smith, who's lived almost all her life on the Abaco Islands, had everything ready as the storm neared the island: "food prepared, water, everything."
But nothing could have prepared her for what came next.
"I was sitting down in my bedroom looking out the window, watching the breeze. My neighbor across the street has double doors and then... the breeze opened the doors, broke (them) off," Smith said. "Next thing I know I see his roof just flying off and it came toward my room."
Moments later a large tree smashed through the window she was sitting next to, forcing her to run for the bathroom where she spent the next hours crunched in her bathtub, praying to stay alive.
"That's what saved me," she said of the bathroom, a place she always hears being referred to as a "safe haven" during storms.
She got inside the small room's tub, listening to the wind pound and push against the walls. The island was rattled by hurricane-force winds for more than 48 hours as Dorian lingered over the islands, pounding the same battered places again and again.
"I was just praying to God just to save my life cause I was scared," Smith said. "I didn't think I was going to make it."
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Hurricane evacuees on cruise ship to Florida

More than 1,550 Hurricane Dorian evacuees from the Bahamas are on board the Grand Celebration Humanitarian Cruise ship sailing back to West Palm Beach, Florida, according to the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Facebook page.
"Bahamas, we're still with you," the cruise line said on Facebook.
"Every donation we’ve received so far has significantly helped in our mission to bring relief and aid to our brothers and sisters on Grand Bahama Island -- our beloved second home. Together with first responders and volunteers, we were able to provide Bahamian residents with food, water, personal hygiene products, medical equipment, generators, and other desperately-needed supplies."
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