VIDEO: ‘Pick-up artists’ tell men how to lure women home for sex by secretly filming them

The shocking world of ‘pick-up artists’ is exposed in Panorama: Secrets of the Seduction Bootcamp (Picture: Police Scotland/BBC)

A new BBC documentary takes you inside the horrific world of ‘pick-up artists’ – men who secretly film themselves harassing women on the streets, luring them back to their flats and eventually having sex with them.
They post the secret recordings online to share ‘tips’ with other men on how to get women to sleep with them.

Bragging about their sexual conquests, these predatory men often ignore consent, claiming to know women better than themselves.

One such man, now serving a prison sentence for harassing victims, tells his viewers: ‘Remember they [women] want you to take the lead.

Remember this is not rape. ‘Listen to her actions, her body, not her words.’ Adnan Ahmed, 38, who called himself ‘Addy A-Game’ on YouTube, was last month convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour towards young women.

He was first exposed by the BBC’s The Social in Glasgow earlier this year, showing he had been secretly filming himself approaching dozens of women – sometimes teenage girls as young as 16 – in the city and in Eastern Europe.

He is now one of several predatory men featured in the shocking new BBC documentary Panorama: Secrets of the Seduction Bootcamp.

Adnan Ahmed, 38, was jailed last month for harassing young women in Glasgow (Picture: Police Scotland)

Beth, 17, came forward to speak about her experience of being approached by Ahmed, telling Panorama: ‘I’d just come out from work about half seven, eight o’ clock at night and it was November, so it was really quite dark outside.

‘He started making like really crude comments and stuff, like really early on in the conversation.

‘He was mentioning he was in the Ukraine or something, he had hired prostitutes and he was saying I’d be like, better than prostitutes.

‘Just a horrible manner, and he was quite touchy with me. ‘I’m 17. He told me he was 27, but he was actually 37 years old.’

Another young woman, Emily, said she had no idea she was being filmed by Ahmed, who boasted afterwards: ‘If I had met her on vacation, it would have been a same-day lay.’ 

Emily said: ‘That infuriates me. For him to so painfully misread that is frustrating.’

Ahmed posted videos on Youtube of him approaching females – some just some just 16 and 17 years old – to teach others about how to ‘pick-up’ women (Picture: Police Scotland)
The documentary exposes the global ‘game’ which claims to sell the secrets of seducing women on the streets.

It involves men posting videos of sexual exploits, including what they claim are secret recordings of women having sex.

In the programme, journalist Myles Bonnar joins a ‘boot camp’ for would-be pick-up artists in London run by Street Attraction.

Eddie Hitchins, whose real name is Edib Baraktarovic, runs the company and charges ‘students’ £600 to learn more about seduction techniques.

Street Attraction also runs residential courses in Eastern Europe and posts what it calls ‘infield videos’ online – which are covert recordings of Hitchins and other coaches apparently with young women.

Hitchins also runs a website behind a paywall where he claims to reveal his seduction techniques ‘all the way to the bedroom’ which also features what he says is secret filming.

Undercover reporter Myles Bonnar joined a pick-up ‘bootcamp’ in central London (Picture: BBC)
During the training weekend, another coach, Richard Hood, whose real name is Ryszard Kaptur, gives the undercover reporter advice on overcoming what pick-up artists describe as Last Minute Resistance (LMR) to sex.

Criminal barrister, Kate Parker, said the explicit videos could be illegal.

She said: ‘It’s plain to me, sharing of that kind of content online is obscene because it’s private content and was never intended to be broadcast.

‘If I was prosecuting that, I think I would charge them under either the Communications Act or the Miscommunications Act, in relation to indecent, obscene or offensive footage.’

When challenged on the ‘Last Minute Resistance’ training, Hitchens denies it teaches men to pressure women into having sex.

On camera he claims: ‘If anything we help prevent rape culture, to help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.’

One of the ‘coaches’ claimed the ‘lessons’ helped prevent rape culture (Picture: BBC)

YouTube has now deactivated both the Addy A-Game and Street Attraction channels for violating its rules on nudity and sexual conduct.

In a statement, the site said: ‘YouTube strictly prohibits explicit sexual, graphic or harassing content.

‘Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our community, and we will continue to review and refine our policies in this area.’


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