How to Start Your First Video

1. INITIATING YOUR FIRST VIDEO - This is something you have to practice. you think out of the box, you need to get an idea and objectives on what works on youtube and what doesn't. Then you need to figure out on how to create a good format for your videos, so you can move on creating your videos on a regular basis.
2. SAY SOMETHING A LITTLE BIT ENCHANTING. In the processing of making your first video, inform them about the equipment, like the camera, that it belong to a brother or friend, think like someone else, I tell you, talking to the camera will make your audience feel like you are talking to them. Most importantly, this will also encourage them greatly and equally create avenue for engagement and interaction, which is a big accomplishment for a beginner.

3. One of the major purpose of creating your first video is to be able to create a second video that is much better and a third that is even much more attractive, and after a couple of videos, you will start to get the hang of it and after that your channel will start to grow and gaining impetus.

4. Try to come up with an idea for a series of videos, so you can create a bunch of videos within the same concept. For example: "How to Earn Extra Cash Online”, “How to build your youtube channel”, “How to Register for your Adsense Account”, You can even talk yourself, Like your most terrible moments", and so on. You can have multiple series on your channel, but video formats give focus to your channel. There's a reason why TV networks aren't interested in single episode ideas. They want to buy TV formats, so they can create hundreds of episodes out of it.

5. Content is king and if you can identify the right content that is not only close to you but also relevant to the community, then half your battle is won, always remember, that YouTube is a community based platform, so you have to maintain the standards or you will face action.
6. Make sure that the sound is great. People can get over a sub par video quality if at least the sound is decent. But if your mic makes a lot of noise, or if there are annoying sounds in the background, they'll quickly close your video.

7. Give your video a good title, description, thumbnail and tags. It will go a long way in making it visible on YouTube.

8. Reach out to other YouTubers. If you just make videos and don't do anything else to promote them, you're not going to get viewers. In order to get your first viewers, try to find other YouTube channels who have just started out as well. Subscribe to them, like their videos and leave encouraging comments. That will increase your visibility on YouTube and encourage people to subscribe to you, too. Just don't be spammy about it.

9. Making a good first video is a challenge but there is no technique (recipe) for a perfect first video. Things will fall in place if you have the passion and drive for the work you do. So just find the thing you are passionate about and share it with the world.

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